It’s been a while since I last wrote any words, but in reality, I have little motivation to share or create. I saw little point in sharing what I was doing. Plans I had for challenges fell to the sidelines, mainly because I had no deep-seated desire to prove anything to anyone, including myself. Now, I have a project. I have what feels like a sensible plan on how to get to where I need to be, so I guess it’s time to start with some kind of journaling.

I guess my point is one meant for me.

My first ever set of blog entries (long deleted) were for my own benefit. They let me relive the moments of clarity I found when moving and gave me a way to stay motivated towards a given project.

So where am I at?

I can still run, I’ve gained unwanted weight that I’m struggling to shift and I have little interest in racing. I’ve developed a doing for doing’s sake, rarely took any pictures or recorded any runs or paid attention to distance or time out and more often than not avoid getting out for a run in favour of being sedentary. Madness really when you know that avoiding getting out means you are going to drag yourself down.

Now to move away from a post that is just a lot of moaning about my abject laziness and a little more about the first stage of the project…

If you google ‘Lake District ultra challenges’ and scroll down through the search results you’ll find one site with a name that stands out… “GoFar”

Quite a while ago, in fact, a few years ago now, I came across this little old skool looking website. Pop into the page that shows the different challenges in the Lake District and you find yourself faced with 16 different challenges. Then you realise you’ve established a round of your own (more on that in a future post) and there is a lesser-known challenge set up by members of the Fell & Rock Climbing Club called Lakes, Meres, Waters. That brings the total to 18, which if you spread them out over a year, gives at least one thing to be getting on with every month. Well, the idea has sat there rooting and unlike most ideas, this one’s taken hold.

Seems like I have myself the first steps of the project in place…

Aleks Kashefi

Adventurer, writer and speaker.